Domestic Violence

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This is the signal to alert someone that you are the victim of domestic violence and it’s not safe to talk about it.

New research has revealed that the coronavirus lock down brought about a marked increase in domestic violence. Police records show that one call relating to domestic abuse was made every thirty seconds in the first seven weeks. Three quarters of victims said that the lock down made it harder for them to escape their abusers. Others reported that the level of abuse intensified during this period.

This is where our workshops on the ‘soft skills’ of self-defence become essential to increase your chances of staying safe from harm. Covid restrictions dictate that we won’t be doing ‘hands on’ workshops for the foreseeable future but, if you’re concerned about your personal safety, we can still help.

I’m in the process of filming video workshops on the ‘soft skills’ of self-defence. In these videos, we’ll cover situational awareness, evasion, de-escalation, compliance, fighting back, knife awareness, the law, reasonable force and intent.

Once loaded onto YouTube, I’ll send you the link. The great thing about having these workshops on video is that you can refer to them time and time again in the future.

There’ll be a small fee for each video.