Founder and chief instructor, Stephen O’Brien has practised martial arts for many years and brings a wealth of real life experience to these workshops. His martial arts career started in East London where street robberies and violent crimes were an everyday occurrence.

At the young age of 7, he began his martial art studies with judo then boxing. Since childhood, he has studied the traditional Japanese arts of Karate (4 styles), Aikido, Shindo Musa Ryu (jo staff and Samurai sword) and Jujitsu with some of the best teachers in the world.

His experience also encompasses the western styles of Kickboxing (ex-professional) and MMA (cagefighting) as well as the eastern martial arts of Tai Chi and Muay Thai.

He became a full-time martial arts instructor 10 years ago founding Loughton Karate Club and now teaches self-defence karate to over 180 students each week in schools and clubs locally.

As well as self-defence workshops, Stephen runs karate and weapons training classes 6 days a week.

Contact Stephen O’Brien by email: or call +44 (0) 7758 341 584