Successful Self-Defence, A True Story

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As many of you know, I teach karate in schools and halls, five days a week. I was sad to hear from the mother of one of my students that he had recently been attacked but glad to hear that he successfully defended himself and his friends. Here’s the story:

Three teenage boys from a local school were on their way home, about a month ago, when they were attacked by a group of four boys/men wearing balaclavas. This took place near Grange Farm, Chigwell and two of the victims were walking whilst the third was riding a bike.

They tried to flee as soon as they realised what was about to happen but the cyclist was caught, taken down and beaten by the four attackers. The two boys running away turned back to help their battered friend. One of the¬†boys is a brown belt at our club and the other boy is a black belt in kick boxing. The four attackers were promptly given a taste of their own medicine and fled battered and bloodied. Luckily the cyclist wasn’t too badly hurt.

Both of these fighters have trained in their art for a large chunk of their young lives and all that training paid off when they were able to save their friend and make a stand against these feral youths. And this is why I love my job!

Training in a martial art is not just about the physical aspect of fighting. Fitness, conditioning and fighting skills are obviously a necessity but so too is the mental aspect when dealing with conflict. To be able to use your fighting ability in a self-defence situation requires a mental strength and so it was great to see our young men find the courage to do the right thing when faced with adversity.