Community Workshops

We run regular self-defence workshops at Lopping Hall in Loughton for the general public, women only and teenage children.

Learning how to avoid conflict and conflict resolution is important for self-protection. In these workshops, you’ll be taught valuable de-escalation techniques to calm aggressors.

During a typical workshop, you will learn:

Situational awareness and how to avoid trouble.

De-escalation techniques to calm an aggressor and diffuse conflict.

Staying within the law when using violence for self-defence.

Simple, effective blocking and striking techniques.

The importance of internalising movement to generate more power and continual practice.

How our hormones and emotions impact on our bodies under duress.

Pressure points and restraint techniques.

The use of knives in street robberies is on the increase. Instructor, Stephen O’Brien has trained in knife attack and defence under world renowned instructors. During these workshops, you’ll be taught the biology of knife wounds and how to best protect yourself against a knife attack.

Contact Stephen O’Brien by email: or call +44 (0) 7758 341 584