Safe Dating for Women

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Every woman who has ever been on the dating scene knows that while there may be plenty of fish in the sea, there are plenty you’d rather throw back. Chances are, when you’re actively dating to try to find Mr. Right, you’ll … Continued

Domestic Violence

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This is the signal to alert someone that you are the victim of domestic violence and it’s not safe to talk about it. New research has revealed that the coronavirus lock down brought about a marked increase in domestic violence. Police records … Continued

The Dangers of Knives

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I have no doubt that knives are the biggest threat on our streets today and the problem is getting worse. Knives are commonly used in street robberies, gang violence and domestic disputes. The Evening Standard newspaper recently released this report: … Continued

Self-Defence & Terrorists

Just recently, The Times newspaper wrote an article ‘Jihadist attacks prompt rush to learn self-defence’. Several martial arts instructors who run self-defence courses commented that they get more enquiries after acts of terrorism especially when the terrorists use knives and … Continued